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About  Groupinkart.com

We at the Groupinkart strive for providing our members services and products that are at par with the best of best in the market from the convience from our home.In Groupinkart our motto is provide our members the facilities that  they are  looking  for , but at times do not get because of certain factors like non availability of certain products ,time constraint etc

We look forward to attaining the highest customer satisfaction by providing prompt services, lowest prices, ease of delivery at time suitable to member,by eliminating the middle man and to add icing on the cake by providing for various prizes/ cashbacks  by the way of lucky draws from time to time as per the company policy

Our Products services 

  • Grocery
  • Apparel
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Baby & kids

Why should i use Groupinkart.com

We are one of you and and u are one of us Thats why sharing what we are getting

No differentiation of buyer and seller platfrom we are working in harmony with each other by providing best of services and products attaining customer satisfaction to higher levels and sharing the profits in the form of prizes / cashbacks  throughout the period of running groups

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